Re-Mineralizing Your Teeth to Avoid Cavities

It can be quite frustrating to see that brushing and flossing are not enough to help you in preventing cavities. The matter of fact is that just brushing and flossing are truly not enough to save you from getting cavities developed in your teeth. In this scenario, you may find getting your teeth filled as the only solution you can go for. But, the process of drilling and filling can be quite painful. Well, the major requirement here is to be proactive about the dental caries in order to ensure better prevention.

The cavity

Cavity can be defined as a hole in the tooth. Hence, it is something which requires filling as treatment. The material used as filling may consist of metal or resin. After the filling, the tooth may be able to regain strength. But, it is not the right approach to quickly react to the cavities. Instead, you should focus on re-mineralizing your teeth in order to prevent cavities from being developed at first place.

The tooth

While talking about cavity, it would be worth mentioning the structure of tooth. Tooth is composed of different layers. Every layer has its functions. The innermost layer of tooth is called pulp. It is the area which is filled with nerves and vessels. In other words, it is the part of tooth that keeps the tooth alive. This portion of tooth is covered by dentin which is a semi-hard and porous layer. The outermost layer is known as enamel which is the hardest layer of the tooth.

Tooth enamel

This layer of tooth is mainly composed of Hydroxyapatite, which is a mineral. This mineral also contains calcium. This is the very calcium which you can get through the foods you eat. Hence, it is important to have calcium-rich foods. Those foods mainly include milk and cheese. Consumption of these dairy items can increase the amount of calcium available to your tooth.

Effect of acid

Typically, eating has huge impact on teeth. When you eat any food, the pH level of your oral cavity drops and your mouth becomes acidic. This increased acidity can be dangerous for your teeth because acid tends to demineralize the teeth. Now, there are several factors which can make things quite problematic. Those factors include lack of saliva, dry mouth, and not enough time between meals. As a result, the mouth tends to remain acidic for longer time. As a result, the acidity can cause minerals from the teeth to be lost. When the minerals are lost, spots are generated in the teeth’s surface.


Although foods are quite important to re-mineralize your teeth, foods alone are not sufficient. When it comes to re-mineralization, you have to make sure that you are using products which could help you in the process. There are toothpastes and gels that you can apply on the surface of your teeth and let the enamel rebuilt.

For further information about how to re-mineralize, it is very important to visit the dentist. You may be able to get re-mineralization treatment at the dental office.


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